Inflation has triggered a new frenzy for free and cheap web hosting

It was inevitable. If you own a website and have seen your bills for renewal of your domain name and web hosting this year, you probably scratched your head a little. If you own run multiple websites, at some point in time, you probably wondered if you couldn’t prune them down a bit, to cut down on your annual web hosting fees.

Thanks to inflation on a global scale, more and more website owners are hunting for free, cheap, and bargain discount hosting options. Everyone is looking for how to manage the present situation. As a result, premium web host businesses are recording an exodus of customers who have been flocking away to more affordable web hosts.

It has been a long time since the world last witnesses a surge in demand for free web hosts. The early 2000s were the golden years of free web hosting operations. Annual web hosting fees eventually became generally affordable, and most people took up paid hosting services for their websites. But in the last three years, the effects of the COVID lockdown, and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine, among other factors, have triggered inflation all around the world, and web hosting prices have risen, by no small measure.

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