WhatsApp May Soon Let You Block Others From Seeing When You Are Online

If there is a feature that is long overdue in WhatsApp, it is the ability to prevent your contacts from seeing when you are online. For many WhatsApp users, being shown as online to others is the biggest privacy issue they have with the app, and this new feature cannot come soon enough.

The way WhatsApp works now is that once you open the app, any of your contacts looking at your account can see a notice indicating that you are online. There is no way to disable this at the moment. But that will change soon, if this bit of news is valid.

An instant messaging app that rats on you every time you come online can be a pain. Whatsapp’s sibling, Facebook Messenger, has a feature that lets you turn off your Active Status, so other users cannot tell when you are online. This is similar to what WhatsApp wants to implement.

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